Why Working with Models is Crucial for Aspiring Photographers

Model in photos: Ashlie Wynne

Model in photos: Ashlie Wynne

Understanding the Business

Photography is one of the most saturated businesses, in which only the strong survive. Looking at the numbers, 40% of new photographers make it through the first year, while only 25% make it through the second year. So why are all these photographers closing their doors?  

With the cameras on phones getting increasingly better, and the over-saturation of the business, it is getting increasingly harder for a new photographer to make a profit within the first two years of opening their doors. Since most clients want to see a thorough portfolio before booking, it can be hard to get those said clients, when a portfolio is spotty. This is where the models come in.


Ashlie Wynne Model

Why Models are Important

In the photography world, models are going to be your most beneficial resource. I say this, because NO MATTER how much you think you may know about posing, you ALWAYS have something new to learn from models. 

In that first year of running a photography business, it can be hard to get clients, or even "instagram models" to book a shoot with you. Unfortunately for new photographers, most of the time, you need to invest in your business before you can start making a profit. The BEST investment you can make for your business is HIRING a professional model for a shoot (or multiple shoots). 

This investment in your business will help you in multiple ways:

1. You get to build up your portfolio! I cannot stress just how important this is for someone just starting out! Every time you get behind the camera, plan a shoot, execute it, and edit it, you get closer to you unique style of photography. This one thing alone, will set you apart from the multitude of other photographers in your area.

2. You get to work on your posing. This has been one of the hardest things to master as a photographer when working with paying clients. Your regular, next door neighbor client, is not going to know what to do in front of a camera, so as the photographer, you need to have knowledge of poses that flatter you client. The second you start working with a model, posing concepts become SO much easier. This is because posing, is what a model gets paid to do. By working with a model, your understanding of posing increases 10 fold, and you will have an easier time posing your future paying clients.

3. Models will be your most important connections in this business. Having a good working relationship with a model, can lead to referrals, collaborations, and connections with businesses in need of photographers. The more relationships you build the better your business. If you're still confused, re-read #1 and #2 until you get it, because that is what you get when you get when you have good relationships with models.


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