Dream Session at the Sand Dunes

Dream Session at the Sand Dunes


Every now and then, I start to feel like I get stuck in a photography rut: constantly shooting at the same locations, posing people the same way, using similar outfits. When this happens, I always contact Mackenzie to plan something different (a styled shoot of sorts). We plan everything from location, outfits, makeup, and hairstyles, so that when we get there, all we have to do it get the perfect photos. This is how the Sand Dunes shoot came to life.

We took the time to research the best spots to take photos at in Colorado and landed on the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This location was the perfect way to get out of the common “Colorado” backdrop. The sand dunes are straight out of a middle eastern fairytale (think the Sahara desert, but nowhere near as hot). From there, it was all about finding the perfect outfit. We knew that we wanted something that would stand out from the norm, and after much research, we came upon this gorgeous, see through, kimono dress.

Here is where the adventure begins. In order for us to make it to the sand dunes before it got too hot, we had to leave the house by 4AM. 5 hours later, we made it to the sand dunes, changed into the dress, and made sure that the makeup was on point. the rest is history.

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