An Engagement to Remember

Colorado photographer

Every once in a while, a photographer gets a request that re-sparks the passion for photography. I had the honor of receiving this request from an incredible man named Mark, who wanted to surprise his girlfriend Marissa, with a proposal during their weekend in Colorado. Once Mark decided that I was the photographer for him, we talked about the special day, and the very unique plan he had in mind.

On the big day, Mark and I texted back and forth regarding our plan. He and Marissa would spend some time in the hot tub, and then he would tell her that they were going to go to dinner and they had to get ready. While Marissa was in the Airbnb guest house, I helped Mark get the location ready (and the majority of the time he was running around in boxers as to not make Marissa suspicious). We set up the picture frames, added the photos, and spread a walkway of rose petals to the spot where Mark would be standing.

I forgot to mention that Mark is an incredible videographer, and while I was setting up the details, he was setting up his own cameras and drones to capture the engagement in a different way. I will link the video on the bottom of this post so that you guys can see just how incredible the whole thing was.


Mark and I came up with a code to communicate. Since Marissa had her phone off, we had to find a way to get her out of the house. We decided that when Mark tapped his head, I would go knock on the door. As the sun set, we were ready for the plan to go down. Mark tapped his head, and I knocked on the door.

Reading the letter

Reading the letter

In the box, Mark had a key and a letter. This is the reaction Marissa had when she read it.

From this point on, everything became a blur. Marissa stopped at each station, but she was definitely in a hurry to get to the man she loves.

Colorado Proposal Photographer

The Proposal

This is what true happiness looks like.

Enjoy the rest of their special day in the galley below :)

We also took some photos to capture some beautiful fall colors in Colorado. As perviously noted, here is the link to that incredible video that Mark created.

Go give it a view and support Mark in his videography endeavors :)

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